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The Decennial Group is a vertically integrated real estate investment and development platform for tax-advantaged investment opportunities in Qualified Opportunity Zones in the American Heartland. Our team leverages our collective track record and national network to deliver enhanced returns to our investors while maximizing social impact for the communities in which we work.

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Revitalizing neighborhoods and generating strong returns for investors has been at the core of our team’s work for decades in our previous successes. Those same principles are at the heart of the Opportunity Zones program and its incentives to deliver transformative, long-term, and inclusive growth to neighborhoods across America. Decennial will make smart, long-term investments throughout the country, with a deep commitment to enhancing and growing communities.


Social Impact

Every investment in an Opportunity Zone helps improve a low-income part of our country. Decennial takes this a step further by specifically screening for deals that provide additional positive social impact.


Commitment to Renewable Energy


A strong renewable energy component will be included in as many of our developments as possible, which is both good social policy and makes financial sense. We have a responsibility to be conscious of a project's carbon footprint, to reduce the strain on the power grid and to be active participants in forging the next generation green energy economy. Including renewable energy and storage infrastructure in our developments will also reduce the cost of capital by unlocking tax credits and PACE financing, increase revenues throughout the hold period by allowing us to sell this green power, and maximize the asset value in the long term.


Our Experience

The Decennial team brings a unique combination of skill sets, specifically assembled to maximize the Opportunity Zone economic benefits. We have decades of experience layering together multiple forms of public funding into projects to maximize returns to private investors. The Decennial Group’s partnership with Clayco and CRG means that we are an integrated developer-builder platform, a unique feature that gives us the ability to manage all aspects of the investment and development life cycle from deploying private equity capital to underwriting strong deals to developing and managing projects in communities throughout the Heartland and across America.


million sq. ft. developed

Decennial’s co-founders have collectively developed over 5 million square feet of real estate worth more than $3 billion, while our partnerships with Clayco and CRG leverages their experience in the development of more than 8,000 acres of land and over 187 million square feet of industrial warehouse, corporate headquarters, research & development facilities and multi-family real estate projects valued at more than $11 billion.



years of experience

Decennial Group will leverage development, investment, private equity, regulatory, and public-private partnership expertise to add irreplaceable value to QOZ investments.

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Tapping $6.1 trillion in potential capital gains ... opportunity zones could reshape capital markets and reinvigorate dozens of major American cities. Tax benefits for patient capital infusions will encourage U.S. taxpayers to capitalize real-estate projects, infrastructure and businesses in America’s heartland.
— Steve Glickman, Wall Street Journal

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Opportunity Zone Funds

The Opportunity Zone Fund is a revolutionary investment product that offers the most tax efficient capital gain reinvestment opportunities in recent history.

Also, at their core, opportunity zone investments are intended to stimulate economic activity in impoverished areas, making Opportunity Zone investments as socially impactful as they are profitable.


Deals in Pipeline: 248 Deals
Deal Channels: 131
Deal Locations: 146 Cities | 33 States | Washington D.C.


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