National Opportunity Zone platform built by a unique team of best-in-class developers, real estate and energy investors, and regulatory experts.

The team’s diverse skill set brings a wide range of tools to the investment process, ensuring that each investment opportunity is thoroughly vetted by our many different perspectives.

In addition, our leadership team has:
- Advised on some of the largest & most complex public purpose asset financings in the US.
- Innovated new investment structures in the real estate and renewable energy sectors.


Our Vision

Decennial Group is focused on scalable, long-term investments that can revitalize neighborhoods throughout the American Heartland.

We see Opportunity Zones as a massive opportunity to transform overlooked communities with enormous potential into the business and cultural hubs of the future.

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Vertically Integrated

The platform offers design, construction and development expertise from the initial underwriting phase through ongoing investment management. This capacity gives Decennial group a competitive edge in sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities. In addition, this control of execution through the life of the assets allows us to substantially reduce risks, especially during the construction delivery and lease up periods. All of this integration and control creates total alignment of compensation levels and timing between the limited and general partnership.



Clayco, A Decennial Group partner, is a top 50 US builder that delivers full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction services, delivering clients in North America the highest quality solutions safely, on schedule, at budget and above and beyond expectations.


Delivering Solutions

Safety is our First Priority. Clayco’s current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.59 is well below the industry average of 1.0.

Self-perform concrete and building façade systems

Strong commitment to diversity on every project with a key emphasis on client commitments

We follow the Golden rule with subcontractors and suppliers


Social Impact Investing 

Decennial takes the social benefit opportunities of its investments a step further by specifically screening for deals that provide additional positive impacts. Active pipeline deals include the following positive impacts to specific Opportunity Zones:



Improved affordable housing options for existing residents and workforce.


Improved street-level security for added zone safety and protection.

Brownfield Remediation

Development that helps eliminate these potentially hazardous sites.



Incubating new businesses in various progressive tech spaces.

Minority Support

Directly supporting minority and women-owned contractors.

Efficient Construction

Employing environmentally-efficient and friendly construction practices.



Creating sustainable job opportunities in construction, and retail.

Meeting Spaces

Meeting and program spaces for non-profits as well as open spaces.

Street-Level Amenities

Providing new street-level amenities to improve living quality in QOZs.




Real Estate | Nationwide

◆ Large-scale and multiple asset type neighborhood redevelopments

◆ Corporate build-to-suits in QOZs

◆ CORE assets (e.g., multi-family, office, retail, mixed use)

◆ Industrial assets (e.g. distribution, warehousing, flex manufacturing)

◆ Specialty assets (e.g., hospitality, senior housing, self-storage, datacenters)


Energy Infrastructure | Nationwide

◆ Distributed generation & storage for credit quality tenants

◆ District-wide generation & storage

◆ Community solar

◆ Utility scale generation with long-term off take agreements

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